Monday, April 16, 2007

4/16/07 M is for....


Anyone else getting tired of hearing about this? Me too. It's back, in full force, with intense pressure, photophobia, noise sensitivity, weird smells, stomach pain, and inability to concentrate. I'm not sure it ever really went away, though yesterday was relatively headache-free except around bedtime. Technically then I count this as Day 8. At least I got a brief break for about 10 minutes on a treadmill (out of 15).

Thank goodness then that Katrina took a nice 2-1/2 hour nap! And she was in a terrific mood when she woke up.

Her naps have gotten reliable enough now that I'm going to start insisting Julian take one too. I've been lax about it, since I hate to spend one instant of my baby-free time doing something I can do while she's up (put Julian to nap that is). But with a reliable 2+ hour nap, there's leeway now.

So I didn't even attempt to get Julian down, and the boys played together out back all afternoon. This involved climbing on the garbage cans over the deck rail, going to the back storage area and climbing over our stored stacks of bricks, and drawing with chalk on the deck -- none of which are allowed. Still, for the most part, they played together pretty well, with only one injury (a scratch on Julian's cheek, for which of course I can't get a straight story as to its origin).

I attempted a photo session with all three; this was the best of the bunch. It's hard enough getting the boys to take it all seriously, and get all three to look up, no one blink or look away....but then Katrina kept spitting up prunes all over her white shirt and all over the boys' hands and clothes. Naturally this gastric volcano had to occur during the one five-minute interval of the day when I could get the boys to sit still with her for a photo session.

I'm going to attempt an early-to-bed tonight, though that might only result in more hours spent lying awake with a vice grip on my head.


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