Tuesday, April 17, 2007


What a world we live in. Violence. Mayhem. Cruelty. Threats. The risk of injury or pain at any corner turned. Land mines strewn across seemingly harmless ground. Senseless screaming.

And that's just my house!

Actually, it feels tacky to joke about violence on the day after a horrendous shooting massacre. The world is so full of wrong. I do wish some days that I could find solace in a peaceful household. But, in a way, I find solace in a chaotic, crazy, kid-driven household instead. With kids, life goes on, regardless.

We plodded along our day with little incident. We went to the park this morning, where Julian played ball with Rylan and Quinton.

Katrina really needed a nap after the park, so I bailed on a much-overdue trip to Trader Joe's, picked Gabriel up early, took them all home and put her down.

She woke up when both boys were asleep, grouchy, so I fed her. She eats so eagerly, three times today, that I'm really wondering how it is that babies technically don't need anything but breastmilk for the first year of their lives. You'd never know it to see how excited she gets when the first spoonful of food approaches.

Gabriel had made himself comfortable on the couch, as he often does. Dave came home early, not feeling well, and lay down to rest too. Oh, how I envy the ability to do just take off of work and lie down when you need to! Soon, Katrina needed nap #3 for the day, so I had a rare few moments when the entire family, except me, was asleep.

Tomorrow is Katrina's first swim lesson!


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