Saturday, April 21, 2007

4/21/07 Sporting goods

A weekend day! I actually felt like today was a Saturday, distinct from the weekdays. This escapes most full-time-stay-at-home Moms, especially since the weekend means childcare is closed!

After soccer this morning, Dave took the boys to Big 5 Sporting Goods to get them better shin guards and soccer socks, even though Julian isn't taking a soccer class right now.

Julian's guards are "a shade of red," according to Dave. Yeah, I call that shade "fuschia," otherwise known as "pink." It doesn't matter though; turns out you're supposed to wear the socks over the guards. And his socks really are red.

The boys thought it would be great fun not to pose for pictures with their new shin guards, so I got some action shots of them avoiding a photo session by riding tricycles madly in circles. Turns out, I think these pics are cuter anyway.

Poor Julian, what he has to endure in life. Gabriel just won't quit bugging him! Such as ramming his tricycle into the back of Julian's.

Then we all went to REI to get a better bicycle helmet for Julian, and one for me. Julian picked out a bright pink one (it seems he's into fuschia), thinking it was one for him, but it so happened it was a "Universal Women's" size that fit me fine. So now I have a helmet that will make me very easy to find in a crowd. (Note that I don't have a bicycle, but I do have a rollerblading workshop coming up.)

There was an incredible intersection of naps this afternoon that meant all five of us were asleep at the same time for about 15 minutes. Which was the extent of my nap, thanks to a very minor dry cough that's juuust enough to wake me up and keep me from easily falling asleep again. No matter though; I extricated myself from a very comfy snuggle-up with Dave, went downstairs and tucked a pillow under Gabriel's head (he'd fallen asleep on the floor), and then enjoyed some very rare quiet time in the house.

It wasn't long before I was joined by Katrina, and her fairly early wakeup gave me an idea: can I take her out in the jogging stroller to explore the running at the Sunnyvale Baylands park? I had a lot to do to get myself and her ready first, and during that time we had a brief but nice visit from the entire White family, to return our borrowed pickup truck. Gabriel and Gina wasted no time embarking on their usual chaos. Meantime, it started to sprinkle and was getting cold -- too risky to take baby out in the stroller right next to the bay.

But I had set myself to go running, even though it was 5:30, getting dark, sprinkling rain and threatening more. I was even running-dressed in a wonderful new pair of capris I got from Athleta today -- a rare find that are actually short enough to be capri-length on me.

At the last minute, I decided to try running a familar route: the hike at Rancho San Antonio I've walked many, many times with my mom friends. The steep uphill ("Butt-Buster Bluff") at the beginning is a whole lot easier when you're not pushing a jogging stroller, carrying a baby on your back, pregnant, or some combination thereof! Betsy and Sonia are right: unpaved running is absolutely the way to go. The outdoor run felt great, and the clouds held out for me, but it was pouring rain when I pulled into our driveway.

I didn't love the tight crampy feeling in my legs later though. I made up for that by discovering that the "Hi" setting on my new whirlpool tub is actually less noisy and buzzy-vibrating than "Lo," and was actually quite nice. I remember when we were planning our new bathroom, we got the suggestion many times to skip the tub: "Who really takes baths, anyway?" Me!

If today was really a Saturday, will tomorrow really be a Sunday?


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