Wednesday, April 18, 2007

4/18/07 Katrina's first swim class

Katrina had her first swim class today!

At first, she was really happy, smiling and obviously excited by this new venture.

Before the lesson, she wouldn't take her eyes off the pool, not even for a photo with Mom.

She wasn't crazy about the teacher though, and cried pitifully when he took her. I was able to distract her, but then the crying started in earnest.

So I figured I'd just pull her out early. But she recovered and then happily hung out for all of playtime.

Then she was all funny faces and raspberries after the lesson. Just like her older older brother was (though he didn't cry): energized by, and happy about, this new fun experience.

Julian, meantime, sat down in a chair and pretty much didn't budge the entire 45 minutes we were there, including getting myself and Katrina changed before and after the lesson. I hadn't been sure what to do with him (Tonya's closed this week for spring break, or he'd be at preschool), but decided to risk it and hope he'd be good and sit -- and he was great.

I wish I could say the same for later. Julian's screaming has really become a problem, and I have absolutely no idea how to get him to stop. No amount of timeouts, sending him upstairs or outside, or taking something away, or whispering back to him, or anything, will stop it happening. Even something expected and benign like, "Julian! Time to go pee and wash hands before dinner!!" can elicit a shriek, out of which you can barely discern a "No!" At least when Gabriel anticipates that Julian is going to get in big trouble, he turns on Angel mode. Uh-huh. Mr Angel. Surrrre.

We spent some time hanging out in the family room this evening, with Katrina practicing her sitting -- and piano playing! Her grandmother is a pianist, so she has good genes for it. Is this how it starts? Of course, it'd be a lot easier to practice without my brothers distracting me!

This led to a capture of the kids hanging out together, just a few typical moments around here, nothing special. It's very sweet, but I have to stay very close to keep baby from getting mushed. Well, by Julian, anyway. Gabriel is actually very careful, and in this little clip, he even protects Katrina from Julian, pushing his head away.

I went out with two friends tonight, to talk about sort-of business, and of course, catch up on our kids and cheesecake. But not necessarily in that order.


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