Sunday, April 22, 2007

4/22/07/ Rancho Ride

This morning, Gabriel and Julian busied themselves for at least 40 minutes setting themselves up with "race numbers." Gabriel drew a number on a piece of paper, then they both taped their numbers to their shirts. Applying the "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" philosophy, I've now designated one container of Scotch tape for them to tangle up as much as they want.

This afternoon, we took the boys bicycling at Rancho San Antonio.

It's a nice, if crowded, half-mile (?) walk to the municipal farm on the open space preserve, with wide trails perfect for kids.

Well, kids who ride better than ours do, anyway. Neither had been on anything other than a very level surface before. Julian kept falling over (high-siding over his training wheels!). He never hurt himself or cried though. I mostly stuck right next to him once I realized that the road camber and mild inclines would be problems for him.

At the farm, Gabriel started to climb a fence, and Dave and I told him not to. When he asked why, we showed him the sign, all of which he read. It sank in a lot better coming from a sign than from Mom or Dad!

Puddles, of course, were not to be missed.

Hills! Well, for Julian, anyway.

Not even so much as a mew out of Katrina. She was awake and quiet the whole trip, greatly enjoying being outside and having so much to see.

Before dinner-making madness, Katrina and I enjoyed watching Julian goof around on his tricycle outside. Meantime, Gabriel was passed out on the floor in the sunroom. Julian never took a nap today. They have it backwards.

I'm glad we had that fun outing; otherwise the day was mostly kid-work.


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