Wednesday, April 25, 2007

4/25/07 Second swim class

Recognize this picture? I have numerous ones of the boys sitting in the same place, wrapped in the same towel! Not sure about the goofy expression though.

Katrina did great in swim class today!

She cried briefly the first two or three times she went under, but after that, she only looked startled and didn't cry at all. I have to remember though, her brothers were very used to swimming by her age, and had started to jump off the side.

Still, seeing her in swim class, and also recently testing her out in the seat of a shopping cart (still too tippy), I'm reminded how she takes after Gabriel in welcoming new situations. And, like Gabriel, being in a terrific mood on swim class days -- she was squeaking and vocalizing happily all day after having a grand time in the water.

Also like Gabriel: I'm starting to think her eyes are turning brown??

The boys practiced a little this afternoon for our
Baby Loves Disco outing on May 19.

I went running tonight, around the neighborhood. What a letdown after my Rancho run last weekend. Pavement, traffic, driveways...unpaved trails are the way to go. Just like on motorcycles!


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