Friday, April 27, 2007

4/27/07 Date Night

A busy, but fairly productive Friday was capped off by a date night. Usually, when we go out, it's on Saturdays, so that we can have an early dinner and movie, but for some reason Friday seemed better this time. I looked forward to it all day, practically counting down minutes to when Peggy arrived!

We're having a little summer preview weather, so in the afternoon, I hung out in the yard with Katrina and the boys.

Somehow I got away with installing some hooks in the garage for the kids' bicycle helmets while Katrina sat outside and watched her brothers. I installed three hooks. Three. I'm still getting used to that.

The boys have been wearing their helmets all the time lately. Today the helmets were "hard hats" for their construction project, busily moving around wood chips with plastic construction vehicles. (Don't let this idyllic scene fool you; Gabriel was actually quite abusive to Julian today, I was pretty mad at him.)

Katrina got some sitting-up practice, then Gabriel read her a monkey book, of his own volition. He sure is sweet to Katrina. (Why can't he be sweet to Julian too?!)

This particular Date Night was to celebrate Dave's promotion at work, to Principal Engineer. Congratulations Dave! He's been at St. Jude Medical for 7 years now, and has done great there. And to think, I wanted him to join a dot-com company when he was looking for a new job back in early 2000. I was so wrong. Not just because St. Jude has worked out great for us (the company has marched along tech-bust-be-darned, the hours reasonable, the location close), but because the crazy dot-com life just isn't him.

Walking around Palo Alto, running into old friends, taking in an old movie at the old movie theatre, then having dinner and dessert at our favorite was nice to be us again.


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