Tuesday, April 24, 2007

4/24/07 Katrina's sitting skills

Despite these photos, Katrina still isn't sitting up reliably.

I can leave her for a few seconds, within arms' length, to get a few quick photos, but odds are good she'll tumble within a minute. Even Gabriel was doing better than this at 6-1/2 months, and he was a late sitter! It's like she has the strength, but not the balance. Her legs are too short or something.

I know, I know, we're not supposed to want to rush our babies' babyhoods. But I don't think sitting would substantially detract from my enjoyment of her babyhood. I'm very ready to just set her down momentarily to free up my hands to tie a shoe, zip a jacket, wipe a nose or tickle a pesky brother.

But isn't that sweater she's wearing gorgeous!

I'm also seeing more and more brown emerge in her eyes. Though they're different than Gabriel's were at this age, it's looking possible they'll end up like his.

A relatively harmless day, despite a migraine threatening on the horizon. Something held it at bay, and I managed the afternoon without Julian taking a nap and without hollering at the boys. Gabriel did lose his trains when I demonstrated to him the meaning of "RIGHT NOW," in the context of, "If you don't pick up these trains RIGHT NOW then I will put them away in the garage RIGHT NOW." Note that I didn't say, "I'll put them in the garage when I'm done coloring," or "...after I build a fort of pillows around the couch," or "....as soon as I dump all 100 puzzle pieces out." He seemed to have confused the term "RIGHT NOW" with those things. Incredibly, he got over it.


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