Monday, April 23, 2007

4/23/07 School's in!

I think spring break broke my spring! But now, school's back in session! Yippeee!

Unfortunately my first child-free morning in a long time was, once again, severely compromised by a bad headache today. Am I in for days more of this again, so soon? I made an appointment at a headache clinic today. It's SO overdue.

I learned something about Julian today, from his preschool teacher: he can write his name! He often doesn't want to, complaining that his name is too long or he's too tired or some dumb excuse. So unlike Gabriel, who threw his dogged determination and submission to authority into it. Odd, isn't it. Gabriel, who can be unbearably defiant at home, wouldn't dream of going against teachers or rules at school. And Julian, who complains about practicing writing, is much better at it than Gabriel was at his age. Oh dear, the inevitable, evil, dreaded comparisons.

Tonight I commented, about a eye-rubbing, squirmy, tired Katrina: "Oh, my poor baby!" And Julian answered Funny kid comment of the day: "It's not just yours!" (His pronouns are still off sometimes.)

Tater tot math time.

Mom: "Julian, if you finish your broccoli, you can have the rest of the tater tots. Otherwise, Dad and Gabriel will split them."
Gabriel: "How many are there?"
Mom: "Six."
Gabriel: "Oh, then there are 3 for me and 3 for Dad."
Dad: "Very good, Gabriel. What if there are 8 tater tots?"
Gabriel: "Then there are 4 for me and 4 for you."
Dad: "I knowwww, what if..."
Mom, knowing full well where Dad was going with this: "Dave, come on..."
Dad: "...what if there are 7 tater tots?"
Gabriel, thinking: "Umm, then I get 5 and you get 5."
Mom: "No, not quite...let's see. What if there's one tater tot?"
Gabriel: "Then I get one and Dad gets NONE!"

Some especially-for-cousins videos, from yesterday:

Julian showing off for Katrina yesterday:

Katrina making silly squeaky happy sounds yesterday.


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