Thursday, April 26, 2007

4/26/07 The streetside scooter

We're not usually in the habit of perusing the streets for handy junk to keep, but our next-door neighbor was getting rid of some old toys for a friend. The rather nice heap of rather nice junk included a razor scooter in good, if slightly ugly, shape.

I'm still waging my anti-junk crusade, so Dave salvaged it against my objections, but really, there's nothing wrong with it. Turns out, Gabriel can balance it just fine, even with one foot lifted.

Gabriel loves it, and to my surprise, Julian hasn't complained about Gabriel not sharing it yet. I guess Julian just figures it's Gabriel's. (Poor Julian, he gets bossed around a lot by older brother these days.)

Katrina had no end of fun watching her brothers this afternoon playing in the backyard. What a lucky baby, having such constant sources of entertainment. Gabriel wanted to know when Katrina would be old enough to ride the scooter.

And so lucky that Mom is too tired in the middle of the night to cut off night nursing. But last night, baby woke up twice, once at 2am and once at 4am. Both times, she nursed ravenously, making me think it's not really ravenous. Especially since she's eating baby food very well, three times a day. Just how much food can that tiny body take in and still be hungry?

I sure wish she'd sit up though! She's awful! She sits for 2-3 minutes at a time, in the morning, but by afternoon, it's tumble city. One of the problems is that she just wiggles around too much and throws off her delicate balance.

This morning, I ran an errand before Katrina's first morning nap, which meant, 10 minutes in the car each way. As I pulled back into the driveway, I saw her eyes drift close for nary more than a long blink. And that was enough to put off her morning nap until 11am! That'll teach me to go anywhere again before her morning nap. It was such a screwy morning, I was really tired and out of it, and faced with indecision every few minutes about what to do next about Katrina's nap.

Good thing babies are so unbelievably cute!


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