Thursday, April 12, 2007

4/12/07 New toys

Kristi dropped off some hand-me-down toys today (thanks!), in theory for Katrina. But the boys wasted no time in rummaging through the bag and claiming some as their own.

An adorable wooden train pull-toy was a special favorite of Gabriel's (of course).

They ran madly around the house, shouting and laughing, with "Katrina's" toys. Sigh. I managed to settle them down momentarily with a photo session.

(This photo's for you, Steph!)

While making dinner, I was able to set Katrina up on the floor, sitting, with plenty of cushioning around her for the inevitable tipovers.

But, as I feared, gravity was not her biggest hazard: Gabriel just couldn't resist her! He kept moving her protective barrier to sit next to her, or massaging her head with his filthy fingers, or stacking boxes in front of her and taking them away as she'd reach for them, and, as I found later looking at this picture, giving her the train pull-toy that really isn't appropriate for a 6-month-old baby (note said 6-month-old baby playing with the heavy string). I just can't keep Gabriel off her! I had to pick her up and carry her to keep her from being loved to death.

Another thing my mother told me recently is that she doesn't remember this overwhelming show of affection from my sister and myself toward our younger brother when he was a baby. She said we sisters were much more focused on each other, and my brother could play in relative peace and safety. Other moms I talk to have issues with jealousy, others worry that the older child shows no interest. As difficult as Gabriel's relentless attention to his sister makes my life sometimes, I'm equally as delighted that he is so taken with her. It more than makes up for how miserable Gabriel made Julian's babyhood.

Katrina showing off her skinny legs after a NICE LONG AFTERNOON NAP YAYYY!!

Tonight I decided not to take another skating class (snifff!). But probably because of the residual thunderbolts of migraine in my head, my urge to be underwater was strong today. So tonight, I went swimming. Swimming! Outdoors! I've long since gotten over the "it's cold" problem, since it's such a treat to be able to swim.

After setting up boys -- and girl -- with dinner, I left Dave with them and zoomed out to the Sports Center. To my amazement, though I haven't swum in months, my usual goal of 1000 yards was easy. I kept going and kept upping my goal, until I swam a full 2000 yards without stopping. That is more than I've done since I was in super-swimming-shape in 1989, and it's thanks to all the running. I'm reeling from the effort now, but boy, it felt good.

But an even greater accomplishment occurred at the same time: I got home at 8:15pm, and found Dave cleaning the kitchen, a joy to behold in and of itself, and ALL THREE KIDS WERE IN BED!!!!! Early!! And he did it single-handedly! Yayyy!

Jeez, I could have taken a skating class after all. But having such a fabulous swim more than made up for it.

Katrina's, Julian's and Gabriel's favorite animals.


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