Monday, November 12, 2007

11/12/07 Building me

Julian noticed a spot on his leg tonight and asked, "Did they put that there when they builded me?"

Meantime, I swing wildly about how I feel about this work thing.

I don't like the mad dash to get to and from work.
I like having somewhere to go.

I don't like being in an office.
I like being around other grownups.

I don't like reading boring things.
I like thinking and concentrating again.

I don't like the equipment and technology I'm working on.
I like working on equipment and technology again.

I don't like being away from my mom friends.
I like being around men again.

I don't like the feeling of scrambling and not understanding anything.
I like the feeling of being productive (well, when I am that is).

I don't like being away from my children.
I like the break from my children.

I don't like the time.
I like the money.

Dave and Gabriel are home, though my anticipated reunion with my firstborn was anticlimactic when he arrived draped on Dave's shoulder, fast asleep. The trip went well, Gabriel was very well-behaved and had a great time at all the kid activities they did together. There's a wooded trail behind Dave's parents' house, and he loved running around there.

Katrina cut a new tooth today, the right top one!


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MamaB said...

I definitely don't like the mad dash leaving work, wondering if I have left in time or if there will be a lot of slow traffic to screw up the timing.