Wednesday, November 14, 2007

11/14/07 The DRIVING

Rough, tough day today. Late start, which turned into hitting max traffic on the worst possible routes. All told, I spent over 2-1/2 hours today driving around to drop off or pick up, much of it stuck in stop-and-go on I-880 this morning.

I also happened to arrive at Melissa's right after she'd left to drop her son off at school, so I had a little time to hang around with Katrina. I didn't mind that at all. She had a grand time bopping around, always in search of books to point to or chairs to push around. She now has a second tooth coming in up top. Symmetry!

Given my work location, it's clear that picking up Katrina first is the best way to go, but that means hauling her in to get both Gabriel and Julian, and having to carry her around while I try to sign them out and gather their things. It would be so much easier if I could just set her down for a moment. Please, baby, please walk soon!

At least Gabriel's eye is looking better, though there's still some chance it'll turn into a nice shiner.

Julian said today, "When I'm a girl, I'm going to like pink!"

I went to a Mom's Night Out and cookie exchange with the 2006 mom's group tonight. Just in time to save my sanity. It's a completely different world, being in a group of women in a home, talking about our kids, schools, our lives; so different from being at work in a group of men, talking about much less personal and more directed things. Both worlds are a relief to be in, in their own ways. And I'm looking forward to the weekend to have some time in the kids' world again. That could well be the best thing to come out of this job thing! Meantime, it's a tough adjustment.


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