Saturday, November 17, 2007

11/17/07 The down day?

Our new kitchen designer came by today to case the joint, and noticed right away that my existing countertops are too high! Well, higher than standard, which is still too high for me. And the cabinets are mounted about 4" higher than today's standard. Also too high for me. Wow. So just having a kitchen made to the "standard" will be a huge improvement, though we'll probably make the island an inch or so lower.

While we waited for the designer to arrive, I did a fun little photo session with Katrina.

She was in fine form today, full of curiosity and silly sounds and games and almost shouting at books. She really took a liking to the kitchen designer, showing off and putting on her best cute act, making goofy noises from across the room to attract her attention.

No boy photos today -- too bad 'cause they finally got haircuts. They were getting pretty darned shaggy!

They had a really big day with Dad: breakfast at Bobbi's, swim class (where Gabriel unexpectedly came home with a white ribbon, having advanced another level), BMX park (where Julian braved some of the mounds, and even made it up to the starting plateau!), haircuts, the bike shop (Julian's earned himself some BMX gloves), out to lunch, then more time with Dad helping him rake leaves and definitely not being any help when he tried to mow the lawn. Then they got a nice impromptu short playdate with the White kids when Betsy & Co. stopped by. They went to bed exhausted.

And here I thought it'd be so nice for them to have a day "off" at home after being in full-time daycare all week.


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