Thursday, November 15, 2007

11/15/07 Dragging again

Oh my gosh was I tired again today. This getting up at 6:30am thing is for the birds. I'm sorry, it's just not in my biology. I need 10 hours of sleep to feel even slightly OK all day from getting up so early, but I do just as well on 6 hours of sleep if I can get up at 8:30. Or 9. Or 10! Oh, those were the days!

I'm in the camp that can find energy by using it. So I went running with a small group at lunch today (a 4-mile flat run, and slow until I took off on my own), and that revived me temporarily. But when I got home with the kids and immediately kicked into make-dinner mode, I could have fallen asleep with every blink. I swore I'd go upstairs tonight at 9:30pm, and here it is, 9:35, and I'm writing. I'm gonna pay dearly for that tomorrow.

Julian's come home twice this week in his emergency clothes, having peed during his nap. I can't get the story straight. First he says he peed while he was asleep, which I believe, but then he says there's no grownup there, and then he says that if he lifts his head, he's told to lie back down. None of those things go together. I told him he needs to wake up if he has to pee, and if he doesn't see a grownup, to just go, and if a grownup tells him to lie down, then tell the grownup he has to go. Dave's going to talk to someone tomorrow to try to get the story straight, but whoever's there when he drops Julian off might not be the same person overseeing the naps. In any case, some grownup besides his parents needs to assure him he can always get up to pee, if he really is waking up.

Maybe this will turn into a foothold for night-training. If Julian can learn to wake himself up from a nap, then maybe he can at night too. He hadn't peed during a nap at Tonya's for a long time though; maybe he sleeps more soundly at Kids Inc. They always tell me he took a full 2-hour nap, and it shows at home.

Melissa described Katrina as "feisty" today, and said she threw a few fits about not getting something she wanted, but overall she's thrilled to bop around and play, rarely crying anymore unless it's angry protesting about not getting her way. Books are her absolute favorite thing these days, and she is very, very insistent about sitting in a lap and shoving a book at you!

Though I still spent over 2 hours total driving around picking up and dropping off today, it wasn't nearly as painful as yesterday. This would all be so much easier if either work, or childcare, were closer to either home, or each other. But right now, I'm driving around San Jose in one gigantic, traffic-choked triangle. Every day on my way to Melissa's I think, "I've got to find another place." Then every day when I arrive and see how happy Katrina is and how good I feel knowing what fabulous care she's getting, I think, "I've got to keep her here." Not that she'll suffer at Tonya's by any means, but the age she's at is perfect for the excellent one-on-one care Melissa, who's a trained preschool teacher, can give her now (until her license comes through and she can take more kids).

No photos today. I need to take one of myself for my ID badge at work, but I look in the mirror and see a very, very tired face, an old and tired face, and I can't bring myself to do it.


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