Sunday, March 16, 2008

3/16/08 Daycamp Day

Whatever Gabriel had last week has now travelled to Dave, me and Katrina. It falls short of stomach flu, but for the grownups means many trips to the powder room, and for the baby it means numerous changes of clothes and lots of crying.

So, my grand plans for today of going to the Y and letterboxing were foiled. I made up for a bit by doing a little exercising in the backyard (before my tummy troubles hit) while Katrina and Julian played. The time outside, even though it was windy and chilly, did us both good.

I spent some time going over the plethora of daycamp options at the Y, and that's just at the Y. All the Parks & Recreation departments have daycamps (though there's overlap), then the countless private sources too. Even the choices through the Y are overwhelming for first-graders, and Gabriel expressed interest in at least six of them. He made it easy though, as he was unwavering in wanting to do Lego Engineering and ice skating. Ice skating?! Hukay! Julian's choices were more limited, but all good. He chose Lil' Chefs (awww), and then I chose Lil'Kickers for him too (soccer).

Despite how bad I was feeling, I drove to the Y to sign them up. It's only March, right? But things in Silicon Valley can be competitive, and the Lego Engineering camp for Gabriel was a prerequisite for many other Lego camps, so I'm sure it's popular. I was right. But, we did get spots in all camps, including Ice Skating, which is even more popular, and almost full already!

The Y no longer offers the Pee Wee daycamp that Julian did last year, so I'm glad he did it then. It was the highlight of his life, to hear him talk about it, but being 4 gives him new options. I hated telling him he had to wait until July though!

I think I found an option for Gabriel's piano lessons today, which is going directly to the school through which the (full) Parks and Rec class is offered. I've got to sign him up, he is so excited about piano and music.

I explained to Gabriel last week that Three Blind Mice is a round, and was sort of able to demonstrate the concept with the electronic piano. It's hard to demonstrate with one person, and he didn't quite seem to get it, but, whatever. Today the boys were talking about Spanish songs, so I put on my first, and still favorite, Music Together CD and sang along with my favorite Spanish song, Des Colores. They were both riveted, and Gabriel followed the words and music in the music book for the whole CD. As the CD played through, suddenly Gabriel burst into the office, where I was, and announced excitedly: "Mom! Mom! Come quick! The song 'The Bells of Westminster' is a round!" I was downright moved by the spark and delight in his face at his discovery.

I can't keep missing work, but my, and several other tummies around here, might have other ideas.

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