Monday, March 17, 2008

3/17/08 The Trouble

I wouldn't go so far as it call this stomach flu, but Dave, my and Katrina's tummies are still under the weather. Melissa brought Katrina home at 2pm today, which worked out since Dave was home anyway, and I came home soon after.

At least we finally got Katrina to eat something, some dry cereal, but only because she was outdoors. But once she spotted the tricycle, food time was over.

Meanwhile, Julian rode his bicycle on a slalom course he set up, while I chatted on the phone with my sister.

Katrina not only lives and breathes by the tricycle, but she likes playing with her brothers' helmets too. We do have a little baby helmet, she should play with that one.

Gabriel got in trouble again today at school, but for a reason that's actually pretty funny: what kid gets in trouble for singing "Pop Goes The Weasel" in class?!

Here's an excerpt from his teacher's email.
Gabriel has begun singing, loudly, all the time in class (and I mean constantly). I have ask him not to sing in class, unless we are singing "as a class". (I'm glad he is singing in music class though, as some kids do not like to sing.) I am not sure he is always aware that he is singing, but I have a feeling he is. Anyway, can you please talk to him about not singing in class, as no one can focus on their work.

In case you are wondering what he is singing, it is songs like "Pop goes the weasel" and other nursery rhyme type songs.

Any time he defies the teacher it's serious, but I had to dig a little to act serious when talking to him about it tonight.

He continues to be fascinated by the piano, now trying to transpose simple songs into different keys -- but I'm not sure if encouraging his music interest would help this singing problem! He can sing loud, and he likes to sing, and that's great, but he does need to learn when not to. Especially when his teacher says to stop.

Pop Goes the Weasel. Leave it to Gabriel to turn that into trouble.


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