Sunday, March 22, 2009

3/22/09 chit-chat

I still don't have my computer up, so, no photos or videos yet. Too bad, 'cause today Gabriel spent a good half-hour playing "cable car" with Katrina, pushing her around on a little wagon, with a stop and start to the track, and her going "ding ding!" as they circled the house. SO cute. It's unthinkable what her life would be like without him.

I think we're done with the high chair. She loves sitting on the barstools in the kitchen at the island, though as I expected, disagreements about who gets which fruit have arisen. "I want to sit on GRAPES!" she'll announce. She always gets her way first, and the boys are left to duke it out over Cherries.

This afternoon she sat and munched some apple for quite a while as I muddled through the daunting task of unpacking and arranging the kitchen. It was fun sitting and chatting with her, as much as a 2-year-old chats. She points out numbers and shapes and colors around her, she nibbles a piece of apple and tells me what shape she made it, and I make silly faces at her and tell her little things she probably doesn't understand but she seems to enjoy hearing.

It occurred to me that I have another person in my life now who I can always call or email with for no particular reason, and it starts now. It probably started some time ago, but the layout of our new kitchen opens up that world now. My favorite view is seeing all three of them sitting together at the island, looking at me while I work, and I can easily see and smile at them at the same time. I'm glad they'll remember my face instead of my back.


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