Saturday, March 28, 2009

3/28/09 Egg Hunt

I took all three kids to an Easter party thrown by the 2004 Las Madres group today. This is a marvelous event, at a perfect venue, a church that has indoor and outdoor play areas, a large room with a stage, and a beautiful courtyard inbetween, a perfect place for an egg hunt.

First, Katrina had a MASSIVE tantrum about putting on a pretty dress this morning, most of which occurred after I'd given up and taken the dress off her. So the day didn't start well. But it was a gorgeous, sunny day and she lightened up immediately when we arrived at the party.

After a storytime, the kids lined up for the Easter Egg Hunt, then were set loose. I wasn't paying attention and didn't realize the hunt was about to start, then saw kids sprinting into the courtyard, and then Gabriel walking in a hurry looking around for me. He didn't have a basket -- and meantime the craze was on! I felt awful, he was spinning around looking for a basket in the first few moments of the fun. These are the moments that break kids' (well, moms') hearts. But he was very relaxed about it, spotting me and calling, "Mom, where's my basket?" His resiliency never ceases to amaze me. Julian was busy working on a craft project and hadn't noticed. Fortunately several moms were judiciously setting out eggs as needed, looking out to make sure every kid got their dozen, so even though the boys were late to the game, they were happy.

Katrina got the hang of looking for eggs this time.

Katrina joined Julian for an egg-opening session, getting help from him as needed.

Gina and Gabriel compared notes too.

My friend Sonia helped me with a little photo session. The boys refused. They already had candy in their mouths, so my bribery option was gone. Katrina was cooperative as long as she was near her eggs.

Big brothers and little sister....a view I never tire of.

It looks so adorable, but I had a hard time getting all three in the car -- constant interruptions with dropped and rolling-away eggs -- and had to take them across the parking lot and into the car one at a time. What a pain!

Despite a sleepover last night, and a busy day today, Katrina had a hard time falling asleep tonight. I could hear her on the monitor rattling around in her room, rocking the rocking chair, turning on the few battery-powered toys that have made it past my anti-noisy-toy net. I was cleaning up in the kitchen and hoped she would just wind down on her own, but after about half an hour, denial was obviously not the way to go. I found that she'd stripped down to her diaper and had completely emptied three of her drawers of clothes onto the floor in one big pile, as well as a bag of clothes to give away. "I want THIS pajamas!" she said, handing me a lovely 12-month footie that hasn't fit her for a year. First the dress this morning, now this. Picky, picky!

Despite the mounds of work facing me at home today, it was really nice to take the kids out and be a mom for the morning.


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