Sunday, March 29, 2009

3/29/09 Emergency Furniture?

Dave and I were musing last night about what furniture we really "need." Everything we have, we've had for years, and it was a mishmash before that there was no point in replacing until after The Grand Remodel. Now it's overwhelming, and much of it is there, so it's hard to prioritize what to get first. I figured I'd let the answer present itself, that the most urgent need would make itself known in due time.

This afternoon after Katrina and I got home from another nice Easter party, she made a beeline upstairs to play. Dave and the boys were out, so I took the opportunity for a quick snack, then forced myself to spend 5 minutes on a project I've been avoiding. Katrina sounded perfectly happy upstairs (that should have been a warning sign), but it was approaching naptime, so I went up to get her ready.

As I went up the stairs, she appeared at the top, and I was shocked -- both her arms were completely coated in something white and gooey. First short-sleeved T-shirt of the year, too. I could see it was on her clothes and her shoes and she was making footprints of it. She must have found my hand lotion.

Then in the boys' room, there was a huge puddle of the white goopy stuff, with a craft project of Julian's soaking in the middle of it, and various other toys coated too. GREAT. I picked up Katrina to start to wash her off when I realized....oh no. This isn't lotion -- it's GLUE.

An entire bottle of Elmer's glue, dumped in a puddle and then luxuriously spread all over her arms and clothes. Julian had left it out when he'd asked Dave to open the box labeled "Crafts" so he could work on a wooden squirrel project, which he did on the floor right as you walk into the boys' room. A magnificent mess, and one with a clock, because the stuff would soon start to dry. I was so stunned I barely knew where to start. Fortunately I heard Dave pulling into the driveway just then, and carried Katrina under her arms down the stairs hollering, "HELP!" After we stripped her, he gave her a bath downstairs while I tackled the sticky puddle upstairs.

So I was right. The most-needed furniture would find a way to call out the criticality of its purchase. We need a craft table!


p.s. these just in from Sonia, some photos she took at the Easter party today. Katrina was in a very silly mood!

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Louise said...

Thank goodness you found her before the glue had dried! I can't imagine you peeling hardened Elmer's off that particular child :-)