Friday, April 03, 2009

4/3/09 Busy Boy Mom

I did so much with the boys today. I really liked that!

First, Gabriel's school had its first-grade concert today. Lots more kids than parents there, but despite my pending unemployment, this was too important to miss.

Gabriel was very, very happy I was there, and kept looking for me.

His class did a silly-face photo. The girl next to him I've made friends with, she's very outgoing and confident and I really like her. I definitely joke around and interact with the kids differently than most of the moms, but then, most of the moms and I were raised in very different cultures.

Then later in the afternoon, I took the boys to their first swim lesson. Julian was hilarious on his first back float in 2 years, holding his mouth wide open, literally like a fish out of water gasping for breath. But he had a great time.

Gabriel, not as much, though I couldn't get a straight answer out of him why. First he said he didn't like his swim trunks (and I did have to apply an emergency safety pin in the midst of his class), but later he said that everyone in his class swam better than he does. All the more reason. I consider these lessons mandatory, at least for a little while.

Then we went to pick up Katrina, but Tonya had taken the kids out for a long walk and wouldn't be back for another 35 minutes. What do you do with 35 minutes? I knew what I should do -- swim lessons underscored how long the boys' hair had gotten (goggles are a pain) -- but, being iPhone-free, I had to take a chance on driving around and hoping I'd pass by a SuperCuts. My gamble paid off, and the boys are now a-stylin'.

Then after dinner, the boys and I made cookies. My first baking in my new kitchen! I hadn't planned to have them help me; these were initiation cookies to get familiar with my kitchen and optimize locations of things (note to self: move measuring cups to the top drawer!), but they both got really excited about helping me. They were both having such a good time, seemingly relishing this sort of activity together (~ouch~working~mom~guilt~ouch~) that I didn't mind the delay, though it got really late. They did great taking turns, talked excitedly about measuring things and holding the mixer, and each got to lick a beater.

I even got Julian's toenails clipped today -- arguably the biggest accomplishment!

Having afternoons together after school every day -- or even just some days -- would be the perfect balance.


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