Wednesday, April 01, 2009

4/1/09 The Addition

Dave and I had an interesting idea that we're back home and starting to settle in (keyword there is "starting"), and our schedules are becoming utterly predictable with two out of three kids in school soon, maybe we can start thinking about a new addition to the family!

We've both always loved dogs, and came very close to getting a dog before Gabriel came, when we reluctantly bowed to practicality and decided to wait. I used to go to agility trials as a rare spectator -- no one who doesn't have a dog goes to those! We always thought we should wait until the youngest child was 4 or 5, but that was before another youngest child shifted everything by a few years. Maybe it's time to un-hold a lifelong dream.

Having looked into this a lot already, I already know where to start: rescue organizations for a breed or basic type/size of dog we'd like, that have fostered the rescues and that can place them wisely with the right family. Oh my how the kids would LOVE it! Even Julian, who's always been a little afraid of dogs, but has always been very interested in them. But really, it's for me -- I've always wanted my own dog.

Meantime, Katrina was being silly with her spoon tonight. Not silly enough to distract Gabriel, who's been walking around all day with his nose buried in his newly beloved Rainbow Magic book.

He even insisted on bringing his new books -- carefully placed inside the Borders shopping bag, receipt and all -- to school today, and I found him wrapped up in them again when I picked him up at the CDC. He's carried one of the books everywhere with him today, and won't even take his eyes off it walking into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

I should know better than to really cook on a "work night," but I'm starting to get into a groove in my new kitchen. Tonight, it actually happened that I used all six burners on my cooktop. So I had to take a picture.

OK, I could have made all this with four burners, and in fact, it turns out that it's pretty hard to keep track of six things going at once, but partly it eliminated some timing logistics, and partly I did it just because I could.

And partly, because I have a somewhat picky family and because I'm compulsive. Gabriel doesn't like asparagus, so does that mean the whole family never eats asparagus, or that he gets out of eating a vegetable when the rest of us have asparagus? And Dave really likes it grilled, but I wanted to try a shallot-mustard-orange sauce on steamed asparagus. So: all of the above. Gabriel gets green beans, I grill asparagus for Dave, steam it for me and Julian, and make a sauce. These variations alone accounted for three burners!

Thanks to my new high-BTU burners and kick-*ss range hood, I can grill indoors again, and in fact have used my grill pan more than any other pot or pan so far. I need another one; this one is too small and is such a pain to clean. Or better yet, a real grill outdoors. Mmm.


p.s. I think we'll name our dog April Fool....gotcha.

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Louise said...

Oh, you DID fool me! I was just about to tell Sean, "You'll never guess what Noemi is going to do..."