Tuesday, March 31, 2009

3/31/09 Rainbow Magic

Gabriel was so enthusiastic about something today that he finished his homework -- the whole week's worth -- before dinner, then asked again and again if I would take him out after dinner so he could spend his own allowance money on it. I agreed, and took him out to the store, though I couldn't dissuade him from spending almost every cent he had on this highly desirable thing.

What could possibly motivate a 7-year-old boy so much to do his homework early and spend all his money? A Lego Bionicle? A remote-control stunt motorcycle? A video game?

Nope. Would you believe: a fairy story?

He had to have some "Rainbow Magic" fairy story books, such as India the Moonstone Fairy. He chose wisely, coming away with two four-in-one books, each $6.99, instead of individual stories for $4.99 each. This really counts when you only have $16 to begin with. The past few days, it's been all I could do to tear him away from these same books at the CDC, so they must be pretty good.

On the way home, we were waiting at a long red light, and he said, "When is this light going to turn green? I'm tired of breathing in this spot!"

Katrina was in true form tonight, being bossy and picky and resistant to everything, until she discovered a windfall of new puzzles.

It's handy to have friends nearby with girls outgrowing stuff just in time, though these puzzles aren't specifically "girl" toys. We really don't have a lot of girl-oriented things around here. Except for our boy's fairy books.


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