Friday, April 03, 2009

Howdy, SUCKA!

Julian's school brought in a photographer with a pony to take adorable photos of the kids. I had no intention of participating, and didn't even ask about it or sign Julian up. Photos like this are the worst of the worst to me -- staged is bad enough, but I really don't like costumes and props, especially ones that have no relevance to our lives. Forget it.

But, as it turns out, they take photos of all the kids regardless, and parents have the option later of buying the photos, or not. Yeah, right. What option? Like you can possibly turn down your kid with a pony?

And sure enough, the photos were even hokier than I could possibly have imagined! So hokey that they tipped to the other side and are absolutely, positively hilarious.

How campy does this get: a cowboy strumming a guitar, and carrying a rope.

Or tipping his 10-gallon hat while astride his trusty steed.

It's so bad it's great. Then there's the complete love of seeing your child's beaming smile, even if it comes next to an animal he's probably terrified of and normally wouldn't get within 100 feet of.

Bill's Pony Pictures lightened my load by 40 bucks today. I just couldn't resist the guitar.


Louise said...

Too cute! He definitely does NOT look afraid of the pony, but thrilled to be near it. Ponies are so much smaller and cuddlier than horses.

For $40, did you get hard copies or digital? I can't tell if the pictures are scanned or not.

We paid real cash for a photo of the two of us next to a Obama cardboard cutout, and we have that same goofy thrilled look on our faces. Hey, the man had just been sworn in that day...

MommaWriter said...

OMG. I think that's one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen! As you may remember, I *did* actually pass up pictures of Mam once, even though there was nothing as hokey as a pony or a costume. These totally crack me up!

mommieN. said...

Louise, I bought prints and scanned them (lousy scans!). I could have shelled out $65 for the CD, but figured some restraint was called for!