Wednesday, March 25, 2009

3/25/09 Bossy baby!

Katrina gets so demanding about what other people do at dinner that she actually gets mad and starts to cry if they don't comply. If Dave pulls out his iPhone, she demands: "POCKET!" (put it back in your pocket). Tonight she insisted that Julian put his milk down -- he was just holding it while he swallowed, geez!

Yesterday I captured the tail end of a long fit in which she demanded that Gabriel eat his spinach. She was even pushing his head down into the food, commanding him, "Eat! EAT!" By the time I got the camera, she was mostly done with this campaign, and they quickly picked up their usual dinnertime antics.

Though the original "highlight" of this clip was her bossy behavior, actually the gentle way they interact together is the most captivating to me. Gabriel just calmly accepts her pushiness, runs with it and turns it into an affectionate game.

(Katrina doesn't know it, but she's getting her share of spinach too. "Near East" Parmesan-flavored couscous is a great vessel for bits of chopped spinach. She loves it and devoured over half of what I made from one box.)

Gabriel did ultimately eat his spinach though. There was another green item on the line: Girl Scout Thin Mint ice cream!


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