Thursday, June 11, 2009

6/11/09 Paper airplanes

The boys were impossible tonight. Lots of hitting and fighting and crying, but that was the good part. It's much more worrisome when I hear them cooperating and guffawing completely out of control. That's when stuff starts to get thrown and furniture starts to get knocked over.

For a while it was OK. They were having air races with paper airplanes, which Julian was bound to lose because Gabriel made his airplane (at my insistence to make up for punching him).

Unfortunately this ramped them up, and they were nonstop trouble through the bedtime process, and into bed up, where they're still bouncing off the walls as I type.

But Netflix has been kind to me today, and I'm ready to go curl up with Twelve O'Clock High, starring the absolute most compellingly handsome actor ever born -- and that coming from a huge Clark Gable fan.


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