Saturday, June 13, 2009

6/14/09 Poor Julian

Another busy Saturday planned: gymnastics class, another Las Madres picnic, then a potluck party at one of our longtime moto-friend's house. I was especially looking forward to this last event; it's fun to see old friends and I really like their neat old house.

But Julian woke up with a temperature and feeling not-so-good. I decided to take him to gymnastics anyway -- it was Katrina's last class and she was really psyched about it -- and he did OK there. He and Gabriel sat and read Cam Jansen books, though 10 minutes before the class ended, he complained of his tummy hurting. We spent another 10 minutes after class in the bathroom since he thought he'd throw up. I was grateful that Gabriel was watching Katrina in the reading area while I was tending to Julian in the bathroom.

Katrina did great in gymnastics -- cooperative and willing, even! She let the teacher help her with a "skin the cat" and a backward somersault, and while she still has her bugaboos, she happily went through the sequences, showing signs of actual competency at some. Today was the last gymnastics class, so the teacher gave a cookie to each kid.

(An amusing moment: when I was in the bathroom with Julian, I heard one of the moms in our class tell her son (about Katrina's age), "No, mommy took the cookie away because we don't eat cookies." Geez, I thought. I'm strict, but not that strict. Mommy, who had a big problem with overusage of Mommy in the 3rd person, continued, "That's not a healthy action." A healthy action?! I was so stunned I couldn't guffaw. What new book did that come from? "But Mommy can get you some fruit when we get home." Now really. Fruit for snacks is great, but does that really make up for being the only kid in the class not allowed to have a special cookie from the teacher? Katrina was very happy -- proud even -- about her cookie.)

Today was Katrina's last gymnastics class this session, but I signed her up for the next one. It's really remarkable; as resistant and impossible as she was at first, she loves it, talks about it all the time, and practices the moves at home all the time.

But it was clear we shouldn't go anywhere else today. Julian was feeling awful, and was at 101.9 when we got home. He spent most of the rest of the day in bed, downstairs, where I could check on him all the time. I felt so bad for him.

At one point this afternoon, while Julian and Katrina were napping, I had some rare time with Gabriel alone. I'd bought an inexpensive ice cream maker on sale yesterday, so this was a great opportunity to try it out. Gabriel and I made vanilla ice cream, which came out too icy and not creamy enough, but was still a good start.

After Gabriel and Katrina had dinner, I decided to stop by the grownup party to drop off what I'd made for it, hoping that getting Julian out of the house would improve his outlook. Sometimes if you're not too too sick, you just need a change of pace, and he was acting ready to do something else after lying in bed for 8 straight hours. So with a healthy does of rationalization, I gave it a shot. Our friends are the owners of a local landmark pet shop and have rabbits at home, too...I mentioned bunnies and that was it, Katrina couldn't stop talking about seeing bunnies.

Katrina certainly needed to get out, she was thrilled about the drive to the Rose Garden area of San Jose; calling out joyfully on the drive there about the mountains and purple clouds and birds. Her wonder-filled observations delight the boys, too. Ah, childhood.

When we arrived, the boys stayed in the car (by choice) while I took Katrina inside. There were two other 2-year-olds there, all born within a few months of each other. The other girl, Emiko, is only 5 weeks younger than Katrina, but is so open and friendly. It was adorable how quickly she walked up to Katrina and started talking to her and showing her her dress and asking Katrina questions. Katrina's not shy, but she's nothing like that.

Then the bunnies, of course. Katrina wasn't afraid, to my surprise, but was very interested. I chatted with grownups while she played with the bunnies, painfully conscious of my sick son in the car.

I was relieved that Julian found the energy for two yogurts when we got home, though he rested some more while Gabriel and Katrina and I spent almost an hour in the backyard cleaning up construction garbage. Lots of nails in what used to be our lawn. After bath, Julian felt much better and was acting a lot more normal too.

Being sick is no good, but spending all day in bed -- leaving your brother with no one to rile him up -- can be a welcome break. For everyone.


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