Monday, June 08, 2009

6/8/09 The Helper

It's truly noteworthy that tonight, a "cleaners night," we had an unprecedented level of willing, cheerful, voluntary and even initiative-taking help cleaning up, from a most unlikely source. Sit down and take a deep breath: Julian resurrected his Angel status of his early youth. Yes, Julian.

I'll allow for the fact that he was at least in part motivated by seeing the deep hole of doo-doo Gabriel was progressively digging himself into, and wanted to play The Good Son. Whatever works. Gabriel's resistance was uncharacteristically half-hearted, as having lost ice cream tonight, he knew ice cream tomorrow was on the line, and kept his brimming rage just barely under control.

Potty-training update: At Tonya's, Katrina had another accident-free big-toilet-only day. At home, I caught her in the act of pushing pebbles into panties and quickly scooted her to the loo, but she wasn't able to proceed in the proper place. Partly, I think she just doesn't know how to poop sitting down!

One of 4 times she ran to the little potty to pee tonight, she didn't quite make it. My fault for not accompanying her, and having put on her a pair of snug shorts she couldn't pull down herself quickly. But, to my surprise, she cried..... cried? I've never experienced this before. I certainly understand it can be upsetting, but neither of the boys were ever fazed by accidents, so I wasn't prepared for the tears. I comforted immediately and effusively, hoping it was enough.

A revival of her old dinnertime tantrum tonight reminded me how very far we've come. For the most part, nowadays walking in the door with all three of them is hectic, but not really stressful anymore. Tonight was a happily rare exception, an intrusion in the chaos that passes for calm around here. I'm glad she's let me forget the stress.

Mostly, these days, she's cheerful and silly and delightful. There's nothing quite so dazzlingly charming as a happy two-year-old.

Especially this happy charming two-year-old.


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