Friday, June 12, 2009

6/12/09 Last day of school

I took the day off work today to pick up Gabriel from the last day of first grade! Why is this is this so significant? I can't explain it. I'm just bursting with pride and happiness today. It's just so amazing how he's growing up. Still so much a little boy, but every day, a real person emerges.

I have a second-grader now. And, just as significant, a truly official kindergartner too! Julian still has two more weeks of pre-K, then I'll take another day off work for his graduation ceremony.

After swim class we went to Trader Joe's, where I unfortunately had to banish Gabriel to the car so I could shop without stopping to tell the boys to quit running, hopping, pushing each other, spinning in circles, touching everything, shouting, and generally being incredibly obnoxious. This was supposed to be their mellow time after swim class. Separating them was the key, and then the "examples" lady doling out samples (which Julian loves) complimented Julian's good manners. "Too many kids never thank me," she told me. If only she knew!

Then we went to pick up Katrina, who we found on a walk with Tonya (36 weeks pregnant!) on Tonya's nice tree-lined street, along with Dylan and Adam.

Katrina was having a great time, to my relief. She's been saying more and more that she wants to go to TLC, she doesn't want to go to Tonya's. In most ways, I like Tonya's better than a "real" daycare, but I think Katrina likes being around more kids. At some point, kids outgrow family daycare, even if Mom never does.

We have Tonya to thank for this:

Lots of milestones around this house these days!


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