Tuesday, June 09, 2009

6/9/09 The single-parent household

Dave went out of town for a week today. I get to be single parent while Dave prioritizes being a son over a father for a few days.

Julian was concerned about this. As I was picking him up today, this conversation ensued:
Julian: "I don't like it when people I love go away and leave me and then I have to live alone."

Me: "Well, you still have me."

Julian: "Yeah, but I don't love you that much!"

Some basic adorable silliness tonight.

I took this video because I was intrigued by the relatively cooperative game between Katrina and Julian. This is now Katrina's default state -- silly, cheerful, playful, giggling.

But when I see this clip now, what strikes me is how Gabriel didn't budge from his Snap Circuits, humming to himself constantly. He does this for hours. He's very into testing his circuits lately, asking lots of questions about different components, reaching to understand amps, volts and ohms. It helps to have a Dad who's an computer hardware engineer and can answer these things.

Being a single parent means serious streamlining of chores. That meant: group bath. And, using every asset I can find, which tonight meant letting them go to town with a set of bath paint.

Ahhh....a House marathon on USA network, just what a single parent needs.


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