Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11/10/09 Studio shots

The studio photographers that descended upon Katrina's school sure made certain parents wouldn't forget the day to view and buy photos! There was a sign up at the school for weeks, we got written notices, the kids were all sent home with reminder stickers on their shirts the day before, and we were phone-spammed with an automated reminder message. Seriously!

And after all that hullabaloo, there was only one person at the school taking photos out, answering questions and accepting payment, so it took a while.

Turns out, decisions on the shots were really easy. My dear daughter isn't all that photogenic -- or not all that cooperative for a studio photographer, I guess.

This is really not my kind of photo anyway, but the ones I get of Julian are irresistable. These are more obligatory. Don't get me wrong -- she's adorable to me, but I've seen -- and even taken -- much better pictures that capture her personality better.

More for the scrapbook!


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Louise said...

I'm surprised they even got that sort of fakey half smile out of her. Your photos either show her beaming with true happiness, or protesting with true crankiness, or in blurry motion. Where did her studio portrait face come from?!?

Sean's 5-year old cousin has a recent kindergarten photo that looks just like this. We all went, "Huh? Never saw that expression on Joe before." Must be some secret Olan Mills trick...