Saturday, November 14, 2009

11/14/09 Stripes

It's pretty much futile setting clothes out for Katrina anymore. She picks her own and gets dressed in the morning anyway, unlike her brothers who need constant prompting to put on clothes that I set out for them.

She had a great time modeling her favorite outfit today: stripes.

Striped socks too.

Even a striped ponytail! (Dad's idea)

Why couldn't the professional photographer get this face?

(and Photo-shop out the syrup drips on her shirt!!)

My day started with a very nice run at Rancho San Antonio, over 8 miles on a lovely scenic route (they all are, really) that I haven't run in a long, long time. My back has been in really good shape lately, enough so that my ankles are becoming a problem again. But tendonitis is far, far more manageable and less chronic than the back problem.

This afternoon, I dragged the whole family out to a furniture store that specializes in "dinettes" since they were having a floor sample sale. I had no intention of buying anything; I just wanted to see how we'd all fit around a 60" round table, as my designer (I can say that now, "my designer" !) suggested, and also see if there were other options. I really like the guidance she gave me: "let's find the table first." Our space for a dining table in the kitchen is strange; very narrow but sort of long, and overwhelmed by the island. We had expected to eat in our actual dining room, so we really didn't pay enough attention to fitting a dining table in the kitchen -- and should have. Our dining situation really, really needs attention.

We fit pretty well around a 60" round table, though the distance between us gave it a sort of a formal feel I didn't like, but I guess we'd get used to. Or maybe it was just the formal and oddly purple finish to this particular table.

Then we came across this oblong table -- only 4" longer than our maximum, but still with rounded edges to make it easier to pass by. And, with chairs already upholstered in "microsuede" which is supposed to be great for dining chairs (durable, cleanable).

And the whole set marked down from over $5000 to $2000. I wish it were a darker color, but, it's such a perfect size -- and price -- that it's really hard to argue with. We're seriously considering buying it....though that sort of defeats the purpose of having a designer help put together the whole room. On the other hand, she pointed me in the right direction, and I have every intention of being led the rest of the way!

In the car on the way shopping, Julian suddenly burst out with a very surprising request, "Mom! I want to see an ART MUSEUM!" He said he read about an "art museum" in a book. These kids have been to a whole lot of museums, but almost all science, military, and hands-on sorts. Art? Seriously?! Why not just ask me to breathe underwater? But I'm really looking forward to fulfilling this wonderful request!


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Louise said...

I like the table. The lighter color may make it visually smaller in the space, too.

That first photo of Katrina is sooooo cute. What a great pose! And she's obviously delighted in her stripiness.