Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11/11/09 Veteran's Day

No school, no CDC, no preschool -- so, no work!

Usually I go to work on Wednesdays, but not today. I had two appointments at home anyway, which turned into only one, but a useful one. I met with an interior designer to help tackle our strangely troublesome dining/family room. I think its biggest trouble is that it is a family room -- I think everyone will be happier when it's not Kid Central, and kids can make as much (well, more) noise as they want elsewhere.

After all, who wants to sit on a couch carpeted in Legos?

I took these photos a few days ago, when Katrina was busy with yet another building project. I think I took them because she spends more than half her time building things and putting things together. She loves her castle set and playhouses, and gets attached to the little figures, but she's overall more engaged by building-type toys and puzzles.

Well, good, I can relate to that. My mother says I was very much the same way as a kid. It makes up for the blond hair, which still weirds me out. It's perhaps silly, but it is interesting to see yourself in your children. Unfortunately, that includes the bad sides too!


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