Sunday, November 08, 2009

11/8/09 Shoe Day

No photos today -- sorry! How does that happen? It happens when our most noteworthy event of the day is shoe-shopping. I took the three to an outlet store, located in an outlet MALL, which instantly makes the experience horrendous for me.

Despite advance planning on where to park, it was still a headache finding parking, how to get into the mall, and finding the store (a Stride-Rite outlet). It was crowded, there was no one to help size the shoes, no entertainment for the kids, almost no place to sit for them to try things on. The boys were having a great time, and Katrina was a disaster, which means they constantly pestered her and she constantly cried, making the whole experience one futile reprimand after another. I'm sure half the people watching were thinking, "that little boy deserves a smack, why doesn't she do it already" and the other half were thinking, "that little boy is about to get smacked, good thing I have CPS on speed-dial."

In the end, though, I came away with six pairs of shoes, two per child, one in their current size and one a half-size up, ranging in prices from $20 to $28. Usually I spend almost the same amount I did today on just three pairs. I guess it comes down to the question, "If someone paid you $150 to take your three kids to a crowded mall on a beautiful day, would you?" Today, I took the $150. And, they all have new shoes before the old ones are completely shredded.



kristi said...

Always, always, always avoid malls on weekends. Unless you can go right when they open. That's a good outlet, good prices.

MommaWriter said...

Yeah. I forgot to mention that we always go right when it opens. It was turning into a zoo by the time we left last time. And I try to take my partner in crime with me because if we can both try on different shoes on different kids, we're out of there in half the time...which is still far too much time!