Friday, November 13, 2009

11/13/09 Play and sing

I haven't mentioned lately that we have a new pianist in our midst: Julian!

Our electronic piano has a feature in which it plays the background music and waits for the player to play the melody along with it. Gabriel discovered this and showed Julian, who's been teaching himself Mary Had A Little Lamb, sometimes for hours at a time.

Unlike Gabriel, Julian tries to sing along too. Gabriel won't have anything to do with singing and playing, though he sings and hums to himself ALL the time (to a fault, it's been an issue in the classroom since kindergarten).

Darling Dear Julian, however, had to go to bed early tonight after excessive rudeness while we talked to him about a "Poor" behavior report from his teacher this week, coupled with several timeouts at the CDC and basic obnoxiousness at home too. But he sure was sweet while he was playing piano today.


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