Wednesday, October 11, 2006

10/10/06 Katrina's due date

Gabriel...our meticulous little boy. Above is part of his "homework" -- he completely freehanded those words himself. He's slow, but very very precise, which is what makes him slow. I'm impressed his writing has gotten this good!

And the train track...sort of a yin/yang thing. I guess he saw a pattern like that printed on a train-track mat at Quinton's house and then reproduced it at home.

He also noticed that "Katrina" has 7 letters.

Meanwhile Julian likes to eat raw broccoli stems. He was supposed to be helping me with dinner by throwing away the parts of broccoli I cut off (my family is spoiled by nice bite-sized florettes). Instead, he chows it down.

And Katrina...who does she look like? It's hard to say. She reminds me very much of newborn Gabriel, the times she's alert and not crying, though toned down to one-tenth. Her alert times are far shorter (Gabriel from Day One with his hour-long concentrated alert times), but her expressions and faces remind me very much of her older older brother.

I was watching "A Baby Story" on TV, and was amazed that she responded to the sound of another newborn baby crying (by calming down and seeming to listen for it). I remember being surprised when an 8-month-old baby recognized other baby crying sounds, but a 5-day-old? I should know better than to underestimate babies by now!

We have to remodel our kitchen. The counter only fits four plates across for serving.

Night is not looking good, baby keeps waking up 5-10 minutes after putting her down asleep, and this time just after giving her a solid ounce of milk via bottle -- I've played my trump card for the night, now what?!


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