Monday, October 09, 2006

10/9/06 Gabriel's jeans

I made an incredible find on eBay: a pair of size 4 Slim jeans for the ULTRA-skinny kid. The seller even said she's selling them because to her amazement, the waist was too small for her super-slim boy. I smile knowingly at such statements, because I have yet to run into anyone with a healthy boy who can match Gabriel in the skinny department. And indeed, the jeans fit him beautifully. How nice to see him in pants that are long and slender enough for once. He looks like such a regular kid. Unfortunately, it's an obscure brand ("New Legends") that isn't easy to find. But if you do find some, snatch up as many size 4 Slim as possible!

Gabriel suddenly has decided he wants to pronounce "sp." Out of the blue, he went from saying "soon," "sider," and "sot," to "spoon," "spider," and "spot." We can't figure out what prompted this change. Most likely, he just decided to do it. When will he do that for night-training?

From an article in the 10/8 Sunday NY Times Magazine: "The concept of yetser hara, the bad impulse within us that is a source of passion and an impetus to creativity, and the yetser tov, the good and proper impulse." Applied to children, this says that "your child's worst trait is also the seed of his best traits." That's Gabriel to a T.

The boys absolutely love seeing their new baby sister, almost too much. It's all we can do to keep their fingers and faces out of her face. No jealousy at all, just far more interest than a newborn baby can provide, as she's not awake all that much. In due time.


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