Friday, October 13, 2006

10/13/06 Katrina stays awake

Not a bad night, as they go...two three-hour stretches of sleep for me, not that bad. Then the usual long sleep in the morning, rudely interrupted by a pediatrician visit. 6 lbs 14 oz, gaining, not as fast as they like, but nothing to worry about.

Today though...ouch! Since about 1pm, Katrina hasn't slept for more than 45 minutes at a time. She's clearly tired but keeps waking up after falling what appears to be soundly asleep. I don't nurse her every time, it just hurts too much, and I know it's not hunger since she doesn't always finish a bottle either. As I type, it's 11:30pm and I know I only have a few minutes 'cause she's going to wake up any minute again. I just hope she's getting it out of her system during the day, and will let us sleep a little tonight!

I carried her in the sling today for the first time, which she didn't like at first, but after an hour or so she finally fell asleep. Then I put her down and gave my back a break, but of course she woke up 15 minutes later. Laura and Ryan got her to sleep a few times, more easily than I could have, but once again, wakeup just a few minutes later.

We went for a walk! I actually walked around the block, then to Starbucks (where aunt and uncle gush over their beautiful niece). I couldn't believe how easily I got out of breath, and had to walk slowly, and I feel achy now, but it was so worth it. A taste of freedom and of my newly liberated body! But it sure has a ways to go before it heals completely.

Julian a big pest today, but got some comfort from Aunt Laura after being banished from the dining room ... I forget why now, was it spitting, smacking the table, banging his fork on a glass, screeching? Could be any number of things.

Gabriel was an angel for most of the day, until nighttime when he hit Julian in bed, spit at me when I scolded him, and only caved in when he ended up banished to the garage. That kid is absolutely unbelievable in his willingness to field any punishment given him just to prove a point. But I should emphasize: he was really good today overall.

The boys are having a great time with Aunt Laura and Uncle Ryan, as are we!

And thank you to my friend Sandy (who also has a daughter named Katrina) for a wonderful dinner! I can't believe what nice and generous friends I have.


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