Sunday, December 31, 2006

12/31/06 New Year's Eve at the Y

Somehow today I managed to convince Dave to try out the Y, using one of my Guest Passes. I got my main goals accomplished: a workout, showing him where I, and the kids, spend time these days, and even got Dave to do a little in the Fitness area. Just a little. He barely got out of breath on the recumbent bike, treadmill and rowing machine, later claiming that he doesn't sweat much unless it's hot. Or unless you don't actually work out!

The boys had a great time in the Childwatch as usual, though as usual they headed straight for the kid computer. I'm not sure if that means they get too much screen time or too little!

The big kids' room is pretty big, and is actually brighter and more cheerful than Gabriel's pre-K room.

Julian helped put Legos away when it was time to go.

I've just discovered that the Y has a photo club and a table tennis club associated with it. I'm not sure I'll be able to make use of these things, but these and numerous other resources make me very glad I joined. It's the closest thing to a community there is in Cupertino that I've found.

We got home around noon and I kicked right into big-breakfast mode. Betsy called and invited Gabriel over for a playdate, which we took her up on. Gabriel was very excited to go play with his pal Gina, and they spent time outdoors playing soccer and digging. Gina asked for, and got, a shovel for Christmas!

It's New Year's Eve. Dave reminded me that we had a bad New Year's Eve streak going for a while. In 1998, we were hit by a van in San Francisco (very minor, but annoying and time-consuming). In 1999, the stupid Y2K thing forced me to go into work. In 2000, I had the first temperature I'd gotten in years, and was then sick for a month. In 2001, we spent New Year's Eve mixing and pouring concrete in our basement, when I was 8 months pregnant. In 2002, I had a miscarriage that started around 8pm on New Year's Eve, and lasted all night and all New Year's Day.

But the streak was broken in 2003, when we had a wonderful new 6-day-old baby, and family visiting. This year, Dave and I will spend the evening finishing opening our Christmas gifts, with our three healthy, happy children tucked safely in bed.

I for one will be very happy to put 2006 behind us, and enter the new year with my physical ability restored, a completed new bedroom, and a beautiful vibrant new baby! May you all enter the new year surrounded by family and friends and good cheer.


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