Wednesday, January 03, 2007

1/3/07 Back to School!

This morning Gabriel and Julian went to pre-K and preschool, respectively. Which means I had the morning free with just Katrina...and the cleaners and the painter.

So, I took baby out and went to the Los Gatos hospital to return a breast pump I'd bought there. It was so odd walking through the halls and seeing the doors of the rooms where all my babies were born. It looks so ordinary, so antiseptic; yet it's where lives change and marvelous and amazing things start.

Then I met my friend Sara to borrow her pump instead. We had a nice chat sitting outside in the sun on a crisp day, outside a Starbucks near her workplace. A little dip into the real world.

Katrina was oddly fussy today, crying more than usual. She's still a pretty unsoothable baby -- if she's crying, she means it! Most of the usual tricks to calm a crying baby don't work well with her, though taking her outside can hold her off for a little while. I think she was tired and just couldn't hold on to a nap.

I'm also thinking it's time to start weaning her -- and me -- from the pacifier as a way to get to sleep. Last night she got very squirmy around 5:30am, 20 minutes after nursing, and I ended up giving her the pacifier, but she kept spitting it out. Same thing today when trying to get her to take a nap. I'd rather she learn to fall asleep without the aid of something that can so easily fall out.

Like her hands, perhaps? She's starting to put her hands in her mouth, but that just seems to animate her, and that's the last thing she needs to get to sleep. She's wiggly enough!

Our DSL is installed and working, but falls far short of delivering the 3-6 Mbits/sec promised, as I expected. Plus I've spent hours and hours trying to get Eudora to send a username/password correctly for SMTP authentication, to send mail. I finally got it to work, and posted my solution to a Eudora user forum, but it could be to no avail since we might instead put our efforts back to figuring out why our cable connection keeps hanging up. Internet access is no longer for fun anymore, it's a lifeline!

I forgot to mention that last week when I had no childcare, it actually worked out very well. I really liked not having pickup and dropoff deadlines and having to run the kids around everywhere. I'm sure it'd get old after a few weeks, but it was actually a nice break. I got them all out in the morning, thanks to the Y; and afternoons were relatively peaceful, thanks to Julian being very agreeable about naps. Even the boys together hasn't been as hard as it used to be; I'd say they're up to about 50% of the time playing well together, or not together. The other 50% of the time....grrr.

I also forgot to mention a miracle of miracles: my New Year's Day headache uncharacteristically fizzled! It started as a really serious one, but didn't last longer than a day. What good have I wrought upon this world to deserve such mercy?

AGAIN, no photos today!


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