Saturday, January 06, 2007

1/6/07 Katrina's bath

Finally, I remembered to get my camera ready during Katrina's bath. There are two reasons I have to have the camera ahead of time: one, obviously I can't leave her alone in the bath for a second, but two, the tub I bathe her in is so huge that I have to get in with her! When we move upstairs, it'll be easier to sit aside the tub for her bath.

Tonight she was very calm in the bath, and she always enjoys it now.

When we move upstairs....agh, is this ever going to happen?! The bedrooms are now all ready, though there are still details to finish, such as the electrical trim-out, and knobs on the little storage area doors.

The boys' room is "Breezy Blue," and Katrina's room is "Such a Peach."

I spent some time dusting and mopping the kids' rooms today, and have been thinking about how to decorate those rooms. Yes, decorate! Not just throw random furniture in, but maybe even put something nice and kid-cute on the walls!

Still, here's what the stairwell leading up there looks like: a paint project. The painter has been diligently preparing the stairwell and hall for 3 days now. He does a fantastic job, but I'm not sure we need fantastic. We're not really fantastic people.

This afternoon, I took Katrina and Gabriel to Kohl's, a department store I thought was like Target, but was really more like a Mervyn's. It didn't have any kid storage furniture, but on the way out, I walked by the boy's section, and to my amazement, found one pair of size "4 slim" jeans! And other size 4s!

I had Gabriel stand in the boys' section in his underpants while I madly grabbed jeans off shelves and slipped him into them. In the end, I found four brand-new pairs of jeans that actually fit him (though two will still need taking in) and are long enough. An absolute miracle! It is so hard to find jeans for Gabriel. Julian's are all too short for him too, but now Gabriel can afford some hand-me downs.

I won't be going back there anytime soon though. I was reminded why I hate shopping when I had to wait on a slow line for one of two cashiers for the whole store, watching employees stroll by and glance impassively at the agitated line of customers. Gabriel was very, very good though, and I was actually glad when he piped up in his innocent kid voice, "What are we waiting for, Mom?" That's what I'd like to know, kid!

Tomorrow, I hope to move Katrina's crib and changing table into her room!!


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