Monday, January 01, 2007

1/1/07 A Holiday Headache

Another holiday ruined by a tremendous headache. Yesterday I thought I had a mild headache from being tired, but now I think I had it backward: I was tired because I was about to get slammed with a mega-migraine. I spent the morning trying to rest every chance I could, and trying not to resent that I couldn't possibly get what I really needed: to sleep ALL morning with no interruptions.

After doing the bare minimum necessary to direct husband and feed children, I did manage a decent nap, until around 3pm, when my day started. Then I got dressed, had some breakfast, went for a short walk with Katrina, and started to feel slightly normal.

Today I decided Katrina was big enough to put on an outfit I've been eyeing for weeks. This was a gift from my friend Lacy, who is wonderfully creative with decorations, kids' entertainment, party ideas, and is a master scrapbooker as well. I never would have thought to get this, showing how limited my imagination is, yet it's perfect: very, very cute without being over-the-top girlie.

I'm glad I got these pictures before spitup forced me to change her clothes.

Dave commented this morning that girl clothes are a lot harder to put on!

Katrina was actually on the grumpy side today. Nowadays that means that her wake-nurse-play-cry-sleep cycles are just a little shorter, but she still has plenty of adorable time. Here's a typical moment with her being all smiley and sweet, and this is on a fussy day.

It's nice to see someone look so happy. It makes me and my nasty headaches feel a little better. I sure hope Katrina hasn't inherited my hormonal migraines.


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