Saturday, February 10, 2007

2/10/07 Dancin' all night long...

Another all-nighter. Katrina awake every hour or so last night, at times every half hour, then 20 minutes, then 10, then the pacifier just wouldn't get her back to sleep. Twice I caved and nursed her, and both times she just nibbled and putzed, though did settle down to sleep afterward. For a little while, anyway. At 4:45am, it was an exuberation fest, for which she was all grins and giggles and kicks. I resolved that tonight we're going to have to let her cry through some of these wakeups.

Until we took her to the pediatrician today, that is. We made an appointment for Gabriel and Katrina; Gabriel for his ongoing temperature/stuffy-head/slight-cough/tummy-complaint, and Katrina for a goopy eye. Dr. Babcock found a slight ear infection in both of them, which rules out a first night of crying to sleep. At least, for her. I'll be the one crying to sleep again. Assuming I even get to sleep.

This afternoon, Gabriel helped me write a huge stack of thank-you notes. I wrote them, and he "signed" his name, though got silly and tried to connect the letters -- writing script, if you will. His writing is a far cry from his friend Erin's, who wrote a letter to Santa asking for a pink bike, and who is nearly a year younger than he is. Then he helped me seal the envelopes, put stamps on, and finish off the envelope with a flower sticker. This made the whole project a lot more fun for me, too, since he's so enthusiastic and cooperative. It was a nice way to turn a chore into some good time together. Maybe I'm more of a little-kid mom than a baby mom. Though it's hard to say that when Katrina gurgles, sticks her tongue out, and flashes her irresistable smile at me. That tiny baby knows how to light up a room!

We went to Vesuvio's in Santa Clara tonight for dinner. I wouldn't recommend it. Painfully outdated operations (ordering, charging, etc), overly dim interior, so-so food. It's on a par with Pizza and Pipes, though with a broader menu, but P&P is closer, is better suited to kids, has much better pizza, and you don't have to order and pay for drinks separately. (Dave just reminded me that Pizza & Pipes changed their name recently, but we don't know to what.)

Not a good car day. First, someone backed right into Dave as he was parking at Bobbi's, despite the fact that Dave wasn't moving, and was honking at the guy to stop. Then, Dave spun out on a highway ramp, partly because of the wet conditions, doing a full 360, but fortunately hit nothing, got hit by nothing, ended up facing mostly forward and was able to drive away from it. It makes chills run down my spine to think how easily an incident like that could have become a serious accident. He could have rolled down an embankment, or been hit by another car. As longtime motorcyclists, Dave and I are no strangers to simple incidents being one stroke of luck away from a major catastrophe, but it just seems a lot different when my tiny 5-year-old boy is in the car. Who, of course, wasn't fazed at all.

Today I had a nice time chatting with other 2006-baby moms at Tonya's, for a sort of open house she did for her new place. Well, they chatted, and I complained about being up so darned much with baby! I've needed commiseration with other baby moms.

While yakking, I knew I had to leave for an 11:40 pediatrician appointment, but somehow thought that 11:40 meant the big hand was on the 10, not the 8. This is the sort of thing sleep deprivation does to you. It's very insidious. What if it'd been me driving and spinning out on a wet highway ramp? I lack Dave's driving skill, and am so fuzzy on life's basics like reading clocks, there's no telling what'd have happened. Do I have any business driving my children around when my mind is constantly skipping frames?

And here I am, photoless for the day. It wasn't one worth commemorating anyway, though I did have a lot of nice time with my funny firstborn.


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