Monday, February 05, 2007

2/5/07 K-reg day!

We registered for kindergarten today!

Turns out, there was really no good reason to be there the minute registration opened, but Gabriel and Katrina and I were there anyway.

Katrina got fussy, but luckily some ladies at the school held her for me. Amazing how quickly I handed my baby over to total strangers! The school doesn't let you take the forms home to fill them out, so without this help, I'd have been in a lot of trouble. There were a lot of forms to fill out. But, we got it done! Gabriel was very good during the long process, even though he wasn't feeling well. But, if anyone in the family has to get sick, he's the best one to do so.

Gabriel had a temperature on and off all day today, so aside from registering for kindergarten and picking up Julian, we didn't go anywhere today (including the Y, sniff!). Fortunately, during Julian's nap, Gabriel and Katrina had some nice time together. I completely gave up on keeping them apart due to his temperature; it's impossible in a hundred different ways.

Without Julian around, Katrina got more floor time.

I know now why I was so useless yesterday. I got slammed with a migraine this morning, the first in weeks. It was so strong I had a hard time focusing on all the forms I had to fill out for kindergarten. But later in the afternoon, Katrina was being oddly grumpy and hard to please, so I tried putting music on in the living room and dancing around to entertain her. This worked, and gave me a little tiny workout too. And that made all the difference -- I was energized, in a much better mood, and the physical activity held the headache at bay.

Sleep report: still only 2-3 hour stretches, but that's a far sight better than it had been. At 4am, the pacifier wouldn't pacify her, and she needed to nurse, and went right back to sleep afterward. I could live with that, if it weren't for all the other antics.

This afternoon, I experienced a rare 45-minute stretch during which all three kids were asleep. I actually got some email sent, and worked on a scrapbook page from last September. Heaven! A whole 45 minutes to myself, interruptable at any moment, but still. Hard to believe my life was once all about time to myself. But that was a different life, without three other little lives in mine.


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