Sunday, February 04, 2007

2/4/07 Lazy Day

I had grand ambitions to make great progress on moving back in upstairs, which gave way to overwhelming sleepiness and laziness today. I'm fearful to admit it, but I almost feel like I'm fighting off some new illness. AGAIN?! I just couldn't get any energy going today.

Not for lack of trying. I did motivate everyone to go out on wheels this warm and inviting afternoon, though even that had its troubles.

Gabriel almost ran into a man and his dog on his bike, then refused to apologize right away. And I was shakier and less confident on rollerblades than I have been in along time, despite my advances in ice skating. It's possible that I'm getting comfortable enough on ice skates that the differences with rollerblades are intimidating now. Wah! But, practice will fix that.

Dave was a great Dad today, and spent a lot of time with the boys, especially Gabriel. Gabriel got a Lego toy for his birthday that required some assembly and following instructions, as well as some fine motor skills beyond him at 5 years old, and Dave spent hours sitting with him and helping him, despite having lots of other things he'd wanted to do today. Plus the time outside bicycling and playing ball with the boys.

Meantime, I was a dud Mom, just looking for ways to nap all day, even though last night wasn't as awful as previous nights have been. Still, 4-5 hours contiguous hours of sleep are not in my cards for a long time. Katrina woke up only once for real, around 4am, when I nursed her, and she went right back to sleep. Aside from that, she had 2-3 hour stretches without stirring. I still want to know where these babies that sleep 12 hours at 4 months old come from.

It was Thomas night, though once again, the boys missed part of their show. To deal with interminable putzing, I tell them that Thomas starts at a particular time -- whether or not they're done cleaning up. I started the show at 8pm, with the TV cabinet doors closed, and it hummed along while they finally finished cleaning up. They missed the first third of it, but were pretty agreeable about that.

Katrina had a rare chance to lie on the ground, and she loved it! She is also very attracted to screens.

Tomorrow is a big day: I'll go register Gabriel for kindergarten!! Looks like he's coming with me, since he had enough of a temperature tonight to keep him out of pre-K tomorrow.


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