Friday, February 09, 2007

2/9/07 Where's the OFF switch?

Katrina....arrrghh! No naps today! OK, two short snoozes after falling asleep in the carseat, only to wake up the moment we got home, and of course, not going back to sleep.

Then there was one half-hour nap...I think. I heard a sound, went into the room, and was greeted by a huge grin, all four limbs flailing, and a tongue sticking out. Some nap!

Gabriel seemed OK enough today that I cancelled a pediatrician appointment and took him and Katrina to the Y. I got a good, deep workout -- ahhh. That felt great, so overdue.

But the Y's Childwatch lady told me Gabriel was coughing. Then at home, he went to sleep on the couch and woke up all sweaty again. (I suggested he change his clothes, and he did -- putting his sweat-soaked shirt, jeans and underpants *back* into his dresser!) Every time I checked him today, his temp was fine, and he acted OK, if a little congested.

I wasn't sure about Tonya's sleepover tonight, but asked Gabriel if he wanted to go, and he eagerly said yes. He's been so isolated this week, with no one to play with. So I took him to Tonya's, and told him to tell Tonya if he wasn't feeling well, and she'd call us. Tonya's in her new house now, a little farther than her old one, but it's a really nice one, with a big area for the kids to play and a huge backyard.

Two down, one to if only Katrina would take a nap, I could have a teeny bit of grownup time to myself...nope, nothing doing.

So I took Katrina to Target to get items too large for the stroller -- answer: backpack. I figured she'd like it, being up and seeing everything. And she did like it, though got tired of it. And no wonder, she was tired. ALL DAY LONG. But did that mean she slept? No!

When I got home, there was a message from Tonya: Gabriel wanted to come home. He was acting fine, but we had to take him at his word, so Dave picked him up, brought him home, and put him straight to bed. No matter; Katrina wasn't about to let us have an evening anyway. She finally caved at around 9:30pm. For now.

At least last night I got one 2-1/2 hour stretch of sleep. I was downright refreshed today as a result.

Kind of a weird spring. Our scraggly remnant of an almond tree is starting to flower.


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