Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Another temperature day for Gabriel, he was at 102 this morning. Right after 12 noon, he curled up on the couch with a blanket, saying he felt cold, and his forehead was hot. He was much better tonight, finding the energy to aggravate Julian again, but I think the 24-hour fever-clear rule means no school for him again tomorrow.

Katrina practiced sitting up today, with the help of some boppies.

This activity suits her well, she really really wants to look around and see everything. I remember telling Steph that I surmised that Remi didn't like the limitations of being a baby. To some extent, I see that in Katrina too -- she just wants to be up and about and in everything. Though she does enjoy all the eye contact and just smiling at people, something you only ever do with a baby.

I got Julian his own scissors with plastic blades. They're hard to use, but still, handing him a piece of paper to cut to ribbons will keep him busy for a long, long time.

One paper I picked for him was a scrap, on which I'd been testing fonts for a scrapbook page. The text included the words: "...started a new tradition: a special Happy Birthday cup, just for the birthday kid." I was amazed when I heard Gabriel reciting "special Happy Birthday cup," and looked over to see that he was "reading" it from the scrap paper. He recognizes an awful lot of words now. I test him sometimes on sounding out words, and while he seems to understand the concept, he has trouble executing. For instance, he sounded out "sky" to be "sss---kkk---suck!"

Gabriel practicing odds and evens. He gets it right about 80% of the time, but to me, the interesting thing is not his correctness (and he gets one wrong), but rather, his enthusiasm.

Sleep report: Katrina woke up every 1-2 hours, and wouldn't go back to sleep at 2am, then 6am, both times of which I nursed her. Then she slept until about 9am and woke up in a gorgeous mood, all smiley and wiggly and cooey and sticking her tongue out. The extra morning sleep helped me a lot, but still, I'd rather do my sleeping at night. All night.

Oh great, as I type, I can hear Katrina yakking away, cooing happily. Wide awake at 9:30pm. She's a bad Eddie Murphy song: " all the time, party all the time, party alll the ti--iiime....."


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