Tuesday, February 06, 2007

2/6/07 Park attempt

I really wanted to make it to a park playdate with my mom friends today, but a long late baby nap got us there just as everyone was leaving. Kristi and Lisa were going to a Burger King with a play area, so I thought I'd join them. But as we were driving there, I had a strong pang: these kids haven't been to a park in ages, and Katrina has hardly ever been to one. It was a lovely day, what were we doing going to a Burger King in a mall? And Burger King -- if Dave took the boys to Burger King, I'd kill him!

So I took a detour and took them to a park after all. Right away, I was torn. I was there alone, and it made me realize how isolated I've been lately. A morning-napping baby and an afternoon-napping toddler is limiting enough, on top of injury, illness, travel and visits. I miss my activities as a full-time mom. In fact, I'm finding that I want to commiserate with moms of all three generations: my longtime friends from the 2002 group, my acquaintances from the 2004 group, and now I'm even feeling the urge to talk to moms of other 2006 babies. Raising children is funny that way: you're never alone, but it's very easy to feel alone. Everyone needs peers, I guess, and moms are no different.

The park was a bust anyway. Katrina was fussy and unappreciative, and Gabriel was listless and sullen. Julian had a good time playing with a ball, but was uncooperative about getting in the car when it was time to go. He's been a pest lately, and certainly falls into the category of those toddlers for whom 3 is worse than 2.

I took the kids on a stock-up trip to Trader Joe's after the park, another mistake. Gabriel was getting hit with another temperature, and got worse and worse as we were walking around shopping. He is such a good sick kid, doesn't whine or complain, but instead looked at me with watery eyes and said in a tiny voice, "Mom....I really don't feel well!" I rushed through it, stopping often to give him hugs, and as soon as we got home, I settled him down on the couch. He woke up hours later, sweating, but feeling much better. Still, no school for him again tomorrow. He seems to have no other symptoms other than a recurring temperature...hmm, sound familiar?

Another lousy night, with Katrina waking up and needing the pacifier to get back to sleep numerous times. Twice, that didn't work and I had to nurse her. I really hope this improves soon, because the alternative is very painful.

Katrina is getting much more accurate about coordinating her hands and eyes, reaching for something she's looking at and actually contacting and grabbing it. Naturally, being a 4-month-old baby, the next stop is her mouth. She's had very little tummy time, but does a decent job pushing up when I do put her on her tummy, and doesn't cry right away on her tummy. She hasn't rolled over yet, though she hasn't had much chance to try, since lying on the ground isn't a big part of her life with her brothers running around.

With sick children, I haven't been able to go to the Y, and I really, really miss exercise! As soon as I had Julian down for a nap this afternoon, I pushed aside all the toys strewn around the family room and tried a new Pilates video. Video exercise in the family room is a far cry from going to a fitness center, but it'll have to do, and I still felt better having done it than not. I hate how out of shape I feel, and how a brief period of good eating habits has gone completely by the wayside. Time for everyone to get healthy! At least yesterday's migraine dissipated, and I was headache-free today. Yay!


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