Sunday, February 24, 2008

2/24/08 The easy weekend

Yesterday, I went scrapbooking with my Mom friends, which happened to coincide with Dave taking Gabriel back to Stanford to participate as a subject in language study. A perfectly reasonable thing to do with the other two in tow anyway.

Except that my car had a flat tire! "My" car being the only one set up to take all three. Now what?

Well, we discovered in a pinch that we *can* fit all three in the back of Dave's car, provided Gabriel doesn't use a booster seat. He wasn't too happy about sitting on towels, but felt better once I noodged Katrina's seat over a little.

Good thing he's so skinny!

Luckily the tire could be repaired and my car is back in commission.

Thanks in large part to a sleepover Saturday night, we somehow had a fairly relaxed weekend. After making breakfast this morning, I took all three to the Y, where an afternoon disaster almost occurred: Katrina fell asleep at the Y's childwatch. But, she was still tired later and took a nice solid nap. I spent some nice downtime with the boys, helping them with things they were working on, talking to them about their various discoveries and projects. My goodness, life is easier when the youngest child around is 4!

We usually pay dearly the day after a sleepover, with tired grouchy children. Not so much this time, though Julian did take an impromptu nap with his head on a Music Together CD case. Katrina was tired today too, but that also meant a long nap and only a few of those frustrating "aggh!' moments when a toddler is impossible to please.

Toddler? It's almost official, I think. I didn't see her crawl today, though she did as recently as Friday. Certainly in terms of behavior -- and cuteness -- she's all toddler now!

School's in tomorrow...back to the mad scramble!


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