Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2/27 addendum -- the songbook

This warms my heart to no end. Just as I was ready to put an end to this day, I found a creation of Gabriel's in the craft area. Now I know why he wanted to borrow my stapler.

Gabriel made a "songbook" tonight, complete with a title page, page numbers and "The End." And, he "wrote" his first "song" -- about his teddy bear!! I couldn't resist scanning the pages he wrote on.

Just when I'm blown away by how he's growing up, he reminds me that he's still just a little boy. Awww!

Now I can go to bed smiling, with a love song about a teddy bear ringing in my head.


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Queen Bee said...

Awww.....What a sweet kid!!! And super duper smart too!